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Data reveals a troubling trend of  violence on our campuses, with CCSDPD receiving several thousand violent calls per year. In critical times like these, it is essential that parents' voices be heard. Due to lack of transparency and accountability in our school board, there is a significant divide between its members' goals and the interests of parents and their children. Parents have come to realize CCSD has implemented restorative justice policies that are short-sighted, destructive, and  directly hurt children and families.


According to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, our rights as parents are protected to direct the care, upbringing and education of our children. The H.R.5 Bill of Rights states that parents have the right to know what's being taught, have the right to be heard, have the right to see the school budget and spending, have the right to protect their child's privacy, and have to right to be updated on any violent activity at school.

Anyone who defies these rights and alienates our children is in direct violation of our laws.






For the last several years, CCSD has continued to decline. We currently rank 49 out of 50 states. For English and Math, the proficiency rates range from 20-40% for elementary, middle, and high school. However, the emphasis has shifted to implementing new grading guidelines that permit students who are failing to advance. Our educational system has collapsed as a result, leaving students who have finished their coursework without receiving a proper education.

The goal must be students' success in the core subjects, an education  devoid of progressive ideas and

radical ideologies that serve as further distractions.

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