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     I am running for School Board trustee district E to ensure that our community has a strong voice that represents its values. My goal is to see that our youth receives the best education to equip them for a bright and prosperous future by keeping parents involved in their child's education and keeping unnecessary politics out of the schools to ensure a safe environment for all children.​   ​ 

I'm a wife and mother who believes in an education grounded in our nation's founding principles and values that instill self-worth, gratitude, and a love for America.

Let's bring focus back to success on academic fundamentals. We need our children safe and motivated to learn, preserving the spirit of unity and childhood innocence.

I've been advocating for my children, your children, and concerned parents of CCSD. 

Help me take our fight to the next level.



CCSD's failure to keep our children safe is the first thing that needs to be addressed. 

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